The PEKING in 3D

3D Visualization as Documentation – also interesting for Shipbuilding

Documentation is a critical part of any new project. Stakeholders such as the general contractor and the owners need documentation on key milestones to verify that project progress meets standards and planning.

But even after completion, it is advantageous to be able to show where something is located at any time – an essential prerequisite for the effective maintenance of any technical facility.

But also the mere presentation of technology for interested Persons: Whether for the presentation of one’s own performance, whether for information or as an advertisement for one’s own company – the experience “on-site” is inspiring.

In collaboration with our long-standing Partner LÜBECK MEDIA, we created an example of 3D technology visualization.

TECHNOLOG is entrusted with the construction management during the restoration of the Flying P Liner PEKING. The PEKING is currently being restored at the Peters Shipyard in Wewelsfleth. At the end of February, the recordings required for the 3D tour were made during the lunch break. The special camera used in this process misses the room with infrared at the same time of image capture. The resulting point cloud is then used to offset the images in such a way that a liquid movement through the room is made possible. And this with an image quality that has not yet been achieved.

We invite you to “Sore Counting” onboard the PEKING. Follow the circles on the ground and use the picture bar to move on board.

If you have any questions, please contact us or Thomas Vallbracht (

Enjoy visiting the PEKING!

Virtual tour of the PEKING aft ship

As of February 2019

Thanks to the Peters Shipyard in Wewelsfleth and to theHamburg Maritim Foundation.


Two more tips for the virtual tour:

Picture Bar

By clicking on an image, you quickly move to the desired position. The image bar is faded in and out by clicking on the icon at the bottom left.

Full Screen

Of course, the whole thing has the most impressive effect in fill screen mode. For this, click on the icon at the bottom right. With the ESC button, you return to the normal view.

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