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TECHNOLOG’s experienced team is able to execute any detailed tender consultancy which grants outstanding and reliable results. Only all-including tender documents can be used to build contracts upon.

Our team supported UASC for about 20 years for all their newbuilding processes being >>20 billion USD.


Any maritime newbuild contract or conversion contract is a mixture of lawyer and technical aspects. We are used to combine both and integrate the best of both worlds into a straight and trustful document.

TECHNOLOG supported UASC as an example from merchant fleet. Further we consulted German governmental departments for their needs.

Technical efficiency optimization process

Any vessel should be designed and build as per customer needs. Those needs have different aspects related to limits, targets and costs. By knowing the speed profile and the cargo quantities TECHNOLOG can support you within all decisions along following items:

  • Hull form optimization process
  • LNG or Scrubber or Gas Oil
  • Propulsion optimization with and without propulsion improving devices
  • Interaction of different propulsion improving devices
  • Performance optimization during voyage execution
  • Underwater paint selection with special attention to resistance
  • Trim optimization
  • Asset security
  • Maintenance in a predictable way

TECHNOLOG will help you through these topics and the interaction of same. This iterative approach needs a special setup. 

Integration of suppliers’ deliveries

Any supply of a newbuilding needs to be integrated into the ship’s optimum process. E.g.: the engine rpm, the gear box’ reduction, the propeller rpm and the propeller optimum pitch and area. TECHNOLOG can help you trough these topics to find the most efficient and reliable path.


The prove and check of construction’s quality is an essential topic as the missing link between building and operation. Our team of experts checked millions of tons of steel production, millions of cubic meter of ballast tanks and uncountable meters of pipes and cables on behalf of the owner. We know if contracted quality is fulfilled.


Independent of vessel’s size or target segment – they are an expensive asset! Keeping that asset in good shape, ready for class, ready for cargo, etc. is essential for any good shipping company. Our team can support you in a very flexible way.

Sometimes the vessels need to be adjusted to cope with the new market situation. TECHNOLOG is involved in various conversion projects (lengthening, widening, jumboization) as well as restructuring to new cargoes.

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