TECHNOLOG has been given the task to design and develop a new Customs Patrol Boat, as well as to tender the required construction services Europe-wide. Subsequently, TECHNOLOG will also provide consultancy during the contract negotiations. This vessel will be the first gas-only powered Customs ship. We are surporting the plan aprovals and the entire project management, including the construction supervision at the building yard. This also includes the warranty settlement. The tendering procedures will begin in this year. In 2018 the building contract will be awarded. The Customs Authority is also planning the acquisition of small customs boats able to sail the tidal mud flats. This acquisition project runs almost in parallel with the Customs Patrol Boat project and TECHNOLOG is also playing an active role in this together with the Engineering Company L+P Naval Consult Lasse+Passe GmbH. The same scope of services be produced for the client.

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