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LNG-Bunker Vessel

  • 3500 m³ LNG – net volume
  • <80m total length
  • Shallow draught
  • Fast cargo handling (2x 300m³/h)
  • Chiller unit for LNG
  • Fuel gas vaporizer
  • Nitrogen system
  • Gas detection system
  • Redundant dual fuel electric propulsion
  • automatic fender system
  • prepared for bunkering cruise vessels!

This unique LNG bunker vessel offers the right quantities for all today’s cruise vessels. Its shortness and position or bunker connections grants an easy bunkering approach. The equipment of the LNGBV is selected to keep high quality LNG for a long time!

Port Feeder Barge


  • Size: 64.0m x 21.0m
  • Shallow draught 3.1m
  • 168 TEU
  • Container crane, automatic container spreader

The port feeder barge offers the opportunity to ship cargo between different piers in a port without time loss due to road traffic. It eases port-to-port connection at small distances. The independent crane gives the option not to use expensive container gantry cranes.

Plastic Recycling Vessel / KUWERT


  • 64,000t/a plastic recycling offshore
  • Giving value to plastic waste
  • Defend oceans from plastics
  • Accomplishing > 1000 paid jobs to locals


    By establishing a value chain from waste plastics to clean recyclate we secure the oceans from plastics. The idea is to buy locally plastic waste ashore, recycle is offshore and sell it onshore to the word’s market.

    Research Vessel


    • Complex deck equipment
    • Intensive interior
    • Modern propulsion (LNG)
    • As per latest demands


      TECHNOLOG is regularly involved deeply into the basic and detailed engineering of rescue vessels (here wreck research) to prove promised capabilities. Our team is available to support the owner or – to a later stage – the yard with external expertise and capacity.

      Multi Purpose Vessel


      • Valid for all sizes:
      • At the limit of ports, canals, rivers leading to the cargo
      • Highest utilization of cargo hold area / volume
      • Extensive cargo hold length for oversize (well paid) cargo
      • Shot but wide vessel for optimized stability
      • New propulsion alternatives for low emissions and low costs

      • Panmax widening by 3 rows
      • Turning ballast water into cargo
      • Utilization of existing engine power into much bigger vessel
        • Adding >50% deadweight and payload by widening a vessel gives a second life to your asset and puts your vessel into a different size comparison. It opens new charter options and lowers the EEDI significantly. TECHNOLOG has proven the results!

        Restoration SS PEKING

        • Restoration engineering
        • Museum activity planning
        • Supervision and decision support

        She is coming home! The over 100 years old four-mast sailing ship “PEKING” is under restoration and museum activity planning. TECHNOLOG is heavily engaged in all levels of investigation to get her back to Hamburg as original as possible after all those years.

        Coast Guard Vessel

        • Tailor made for special purpose
        • LNG driven
        • Fast / Reliable


          A group of TECHNOLOG’s engineering team is heavily engaged and experienced in small, fast vessels for public authorities like customs, coast guard etc. Very special and typical hull forms as well as outfitting demands create extra awareness to the designing team. Our experience is not only used for designing those fast vessels – also specialized consultancy is often requested.

          Expedition Cruise Vessel

          • < 120m to suit any small location with special sight
          • 200 passengers in high comfort cabins with balcony
          • High value lounges, restaurants, lobby etc.
          • Expedition equipment on board

          Polar and expedition cruise vessels are a growing market. Luxury cabins, fantastic sight and a relaxing atmosphere are part of the offered ambient. TECHNOLOG’s team is able to combine the passengers’ needs with green shipping of low emissions and straight planning and engineering with the production.

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          Fridtjof Rohde

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